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Why wireless charging?

In 2017 wireless charging became the universal standard supported by all common available phones in the market produced both for IOS and Android.

Wireless charging allows users to charge their mobile device wherever they are without having to take out their charging cable. It's now available in desk charging pad versions and also integrated within power banks if you're on the move.

This method of charging is easy, efficient and the way we'll all be charging in years to come. Here's some more information on why the market is moving towards this new technology and its benefits:

2018 will see the explosion of a wide variety of products within this area for the promotional merchandise industry, the new "must have" tech/gadget gift.

We want one, do you?

PromoLab has a great range of wireless chargers for all your needs, available to brand with your company logo. Just contact our team for some advice on +44 (0) 207 112 9084 or at:

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