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Do you Chipolo?

We love our Chipolo, after years of misplacing our keys, phones, car keys we finally have a bit of tech to help us save time on locating these misplaced items!

The Chipolo is a simple device that connects your items to the free Chipolo app you're able to download onto your smartphone device (Works on iPhones and Android phones) Currently in the range is the Chipolo "Classic" and the new Chipolo "Plus". The Plus is the worlds loudest and most advanced water resistant Bluetooth tracking device and the latest tracking device that has been launched into this are of the promotional merchandise tech market.

You're probably wondering how it works? Well tracking and finding an item works in the following 3 ways:

- To locate your item: ring the attached Chipolo, just like you'd ring a phone, by using your Chipolo device.

- To find your phone: double-click the Chipolo Plus to ring your phone.

- When outside the Bluetooth range: access the Chipolo community to help you in your search.

You can put your Chipolo on Anything you don't want to lose (Keys, wallets, luggage, bikes, GoPro Camera.......) Simple right?

This great little tech gadget is available for full customisation making it the perfect corporate gift. We can brand both models up to full colour with your company logo/branding, and you can take it a few steps further by personalising the application and packaging. It's a great way to have your customers associate your logo with positive feelings, helping them find their misplaced items just when they need them

Would you like some more information? Speak to any of our team to find out more:

0207 112 9084

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