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What you need to know about trending promotional products this Christmas.

If you’re stuck not knowing how to reward your top performers, and you don’t want to order the same hamper and wine set to say thank you to your clients or suppliers, why not use these two trends to delight the important people you work with. Getting something that surprises them will make sure you and your brand won’t be forgotten after Christmas.

Here’s what people want:

“Make Me Feel Good” Pampering is in. Busy, stressed out, not enough time, we’re doing all the things and we want products that make us feel better. With so much to look after, so much we want to achieve, we feel entitled to luxury. Things like glamping over camping and brunch at Harrod’s not down the pub.

So why not give one of the following ideas:

VR Goggles - something fancy for the gadget geeks. These are made to be worn comfortably for hours, made with soft foam, fabric and ABS plastic. The lenses can be adjusted and the set includes a wireless controller to navigate your phone while you’re using the goggles. (This item can be gift wrapped).

Fabric Covered Bluetooth Speakers to play their favourite Christmas tunes. The speakers will stay connected to a bluetooth device up to 10 metres away and you can even charge your phone at the same time! (This item can be gift wrapped).

Personalised wine or sparkling wine. The label can be branded and you could use it to invite your client out to say thank you. How about adding a little card that says, “Come and join us at [time, venue], we want to take you out to say thank you and celebrate the awesome year we’ve had. Here’s the first round.... And the rest are on us!”

“Give Me Something Useful” DIY is in. Because of the internet we have more information, tools and control over our own lives. We want to do things our way and not depend on others, and we feel good when products help us achieve our goals. So why not give:

A GPS Watch for the tech happy and super active. From monitoring your sleep to, multi-sports tracking with GPS, and from synchronizing your social media to advanced outdoor functions, this watch is compatible with iOS 8.0 / Android 4.4 and will run for 3-4 days with 1 full charge. (This item can be gift wrapped).

Get organised with the Kyoto notebook cover and organiser portfolio. It has room to store a pen, phone, small notes and other accessories.

A sturdy, windproof, automatic open and close umbrella can last for years and give you a raving fan. It’s not always a first choice for a Christmas gift, but as a staple item in most women’s handbags and a must need for gents it is almost always appreciated.

What about something classic like a high quality Italian made notebook, but for Christmas you could jazz it up with a stylish cover. The notebook is an easy gift to give and there are lots of varied embellishment techniques to make it extra special for you (including printed inserts, HD full colour prints, paper wrapping with branded ribbon).

See something you like? Get in touch with us for more information and/or pricing by calling 0207 112 9084 or e-mail us at

Looking for other promotional merchandise gift ideas? Just drop us a line and we’ll send you a complimentary ideas list for Christmas. E-mail:

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