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What's that square patch on your rucksack actually for!?

Have you ever seen a Herschel bag? Lyndon & Jamie Cormack launched the brand in 2009, quickly becoming a global phenomenon amongst hipsters as THE rucksack to have. Here at PromoLab we find most corporates either don't want to co-brand their logo with a retail brand, or they don't want to pay the retail price to be associated with a retail brand. So we love it when we see retail trends filter through into the promotional merchandise marketplace, and in the case of the Herschel style bag we have seen some exciting new products launch into the market. Last year BAGBASE launched its "Heritage" backpack with simple vintage styling, becoming an extremely popular bag throughout 2016. This year sees our own "Graduate City" backpack launch, again with its own nod towards retro and retail styling. One of the features, in particular, had us talking! The little square patch that sits towards the top or bottom of the bag on all retro backpacks, what's it for exactly!?

Well, we did a little research online and found this great little video:

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