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Confused about promotional drinkware?

Promotional branded drinkware (or as they say in the states - Drinking Vessels!) are fast becoming one of the more popular promotional product giveaways here in the UK and right throughout mainland Europe. It's been a hot item for a number of years in the North American market, but for some reason has taken a little longer to really take off for the Brits.

I get the feeling that its because most people view them as budget items. I still have memories of spilling coffee down my shirt whilst driving my little Honda to work back in the late 90's. They were far from leak-proof then, and to be honest some of the more cost effective ones on the market haven't changed much... but gone are the days of the generic thermal mug, you know the one ... black plastic handle and colour plastic body...

Don't get me wrong, they are still around and here to stay for the budget conscious. However over the past few years we've seen the branded drinkware category expand greatly. Many manufacturers have been launching not just exciting and interesting products, but products that we actually want to use. As the manufacturing process has evolved and improved we've seen some really cool and usable bottles/mugs using the latest in technology. Keeping your drink hot OR cold whilst you're on the move has become easier, and also more stylish.

The key to keeping drinks cold (or hot) for longer than traditional double wall drink-ware is vacuum seal insulation. Stainless steal tumblers are constructed with a hole left in the bottom of the outer wall, then the air is sucked out of the space between the walls to create an airtight seal and the hole is sealed. The beverage maintains its temperature for much longer because there are no air molecules between the tumbler walls to transfer heat or cold.

Thinking of making your next promotional merchandise giveaway a branded tumbler, mug of flask? We would love to help you find the right branded product for your needs.

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