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Kärcher - Product Testers

PromoLab have proudly been appointed as a European product tester for Kärcher!

Here at PromoLab Merchandise Solutions we are not just lovers of all things merchandise. Technology/gadgets, lifestyle and branded sporting goods are all a part of what we offer. We're always on top of the latest and greatest trends and designs launching into the market.

Attending this years London Bike Show we had our first view of the new mobile outdoor cleaner from the worlds leading pressure washer brand; Kärcher. As keen gadget and product geeks we were drawn to it with the main aim of cleaning our bikes after a days mountain riding. We immediately applied to become product testers and you can imagine how pleased we were to be chosen when the letter dropped through the office door a few weeks ago!


Boxed nicely with little packaging waste to be disposed of (The box will be recycled a good use to pack someone's branded merchandise products for delivery!)

It's tiny, YES TINY! We had seen it in the flesh before, but perhaps had forgotten how compact the product is. Designed to be portable it will be easily store in the boot of the car/truck/van.

All the inlets/outlets for charging have rubberised seals and the overall quality of product at first glance and touch seems to be quite high.


Charge time - first time took approx 3 hours, just as stated on the instructions.

The water tank holds 4 litres. This doesn't seem a lot but the item is small and designed to be portable. We're looking forward to testing it out!


Any excuse to get out for a ride! After an hour of riding in the nearby muddy woods we quickly put the tester to good use. You definitely have to get right in and up close to get the dirt & mud off, but it does work. The 4L tank lasted the wash, but only just so I would have thought that a slightly larger tank would be more suitable.


Really great little bit of kit, useful for cleaning off unwanted grime after walks, bike rides etc. Perfect for keeping in the back of the car to ensure that mud isn't transferred to the boot! Our only complaint was that the tank size wasn't quite as large as we thought it should be for washing more than one bike.

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